Hear ye! Hear ye!*

Midnight Lane Gallery proudly promotes the following organizations:

*Berkeley Copwatch            *Berkshares, Inc.           *Bishop John Steinbock Homeless Advocacy Committee           *Camp Homeward Bound

*Camp Take Notice          *The Catholic Worker Movement          *Community Alliance          *Community First Village

*Community Supported Shelters         *The Contributor         *Detroit Cheers          *Dignity Village           *East Bay Community Law Center

*Eco Village Project of Fresno         *Facing Homelessness          *Fresno Center for Nonviolence          *Hangtown Haven (now defunct)

*International Network of Street Papers         *Invisible People          *Ithaca Hours           *The Mad Housers         *Madison Hours

*New Beginnings Counseling Center        *Nickelsville         *Occupy Madison, Inc.       *Opportunity Village Eugene          *The One, Inc.

*People’s Park Volunteer Defense Committee        *Pure Salvage Living        *Quixote Village        *Real Change News        *

*Right 2 Dream Too          *River Hours       *Sean’s Outpost  (see also: Bitcoin)          *Schumacher Center for a New Economics          *Spare Change News

*StreetWise        *Tent City 4          *Tent City of Lakewood, New Jersey       *Tiny House Design (articles tagged homeless)        *Tiny Texas Houses 

*Under the Bridges and On the Streets          *Yahoo Groups! Fresno Homeless Advocates

Midnight Lane Gallery  encourages its attendees to learn about these organizations, to spread the word about their missions, and to support their efforts both actively and creatively.

To quote Leonard Cohen, “We are ugly but we have the music.”


  • Music / Video:

Agustin Lira & Patricia Wells:  “Don’t Come to Fresno if you’re Homeless”** was performed live at NEWZ-a-Palooza, a benefit concert for KFCF 88.1  and the Community Alliance newspaper, held on 11/16/2012.  To learn more about this musical duo, visit their Facebook page.

Mike Rhodes:  Editor of Community Alliance newspaper from February 1998 to April 2014, Mike Rhodes is a journalist, photojournalist, and homeless advocate.  A frequent contributor to Indy Bay: Central Valley, he has been published in a wide array of alternative news outlets and street papers.  You can visit his YouTube site to see more of his videos, including this video documenting City of Fresno eviction operations conducted in late-2011.  Or, you can visit this much recommended archive of articles documenting the long, historic, civil rights struggle of Fresno’s homeless citizens.


Thanks go to Mike Rhodes, Patricia Wells, and Agustin Lira for granting Midnight Lane Gallery permission to use their video / music.

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