Midnight Lane Gallery seeks to bring together visual art, music, and poetry that can (un)comfortably inhabit the same space.  Thematically, we seek to provide an unflinching portrayal of street life.  Subjects related to abuse, addiction, homelessness, mental illness, and poverty are our primarythough not exclusivedomains.

We hope to hold between two to four multi-media shows per year.

Johnny Longfellow is the gallery’s curator.

Yours Truly is the gallery’s current artist in residence.

When visiting the gallery, please take the time to listen to the music we select to accompany your viewing. . .*

While listening, simultaneously pause and take the time to consider the following question:

“‘What You Lookin’ At?'”*

Finally, if you feel so inspired, respond. . .take part.  By this, it is meant please submit your poetry for possible inclusion in Midnight Lane Gallery, along with Midnight Lane Gallery / The Curtained Room.

Thank you.


  • Music / Video:

Nachtmystium: “Cry for Help” appears on Nachtmystium’s 2010 Century Media release, Addicts.**  Nachtmystium’s 8th full length, The World we Left Behind, was released by Century Media on August 5, 2014.  Here’s a sample.

  • Visual Art:

Yours Truly: “‘What You Lookin’ At?'” is part of the “Midnight on the Stroll” series.  Please contact Midnight Lane Gallery if seeking to utilize this image either virtually or in print.  Contact information is included at the bottom of this page.

**Added Credit goes to gyrotun for uploading Nachtmystium’s “Cry for Help” to YouTube.  Midnight Lane Gallery claims no copyright over music posted on site.

In Memoriam:

Midnight Lane Gallery is dedicated to the memory of Joe Dunn, actor, impresario, poet, publisher, and friend.                            

Joe Dunn

Click on the image above to learn about Joe’s contribution to the San Francisco / Berkeley Renaissance of the 1950’s and 60’s.

                        We will meet again

                        one day, we will

                        gather at the river

                        (Paterson perchance)

                                                        From “Desultory Days,” by Robert Creeley

To Contact Midnight Lane Gallery: midnightlanegallery@gmail.com

The comments section is closed. If you've questions or comments, email contact information for the gallery is located at the bottom of the About page. Feel free to query. Thank you.

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