Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest–Honorable Mentions

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Please, click “On Demon Wings,” by Bohren & der Club of Gore,* and view more honorable mentions below. . .

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Dear Attendees: A link to The Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest Slideshow & Awards follows the credits below. . .


  • Music / Video:

Bohren & der Club of Gore:  “On Demon Wings” appears on the 2000 Wonder release, Midnight Mission.  Visit the band’s Official Homepage, or their Facebook page to learn more.**

  • Poetry:

J.J. Campbell: Sofisticated White Trash, J.J.’s first full-length collection, is available via Interior Noise Press.   To learn more about J.J. and his poetry, visit his blog, Evil Delights.  Or, visit his Google.com site for a list of his many publications.

jonathan hayes: A frequent contributor to My Favorite Bullet, jonathan’s published collections include the well-received T(HERE) (Silenced Press), and American Haiku (Mel C. Thompson Publishing).  Editor of the long-running print journal, Over the Transom, he can be contacted via email at jsh619@earthlink.net.

Catfish McDaris:  Co-editor of PpigpennCat is the author of over twenty chapbooks.  His most recent is a split with Subhankar Das, titled Thieves of the Wind (Writing Knight Press).  A long-standing presence in the small press scene, his collected works and letters are archived at Marquette University.   An interview at Blues GR, along with a sample of his verse at the outlaw poetry network, provide an introduction to both his life and his poetry.  To contact Catfish, email: Mcdar3@aol.com.

Gerald So: Editor of the crime poetry journal, The Five-Two, his online literary franchise also includes the YouTube site, Gerald So’s Channel Five-Two, and the blog, My Life Called So.  In addition, Gerald’s annual chapbook series, The Lineup—featuring the works of those published at The Five-Two–is available at Lulu.

john sweet:  with such brilliant light pouring from our joyous godless hearts (wall of noise press) is but one of many full-length collections available at john’s Lulu Author Spotlight.  An interview at The Penmen Review, coupled with his blog, the bleeding horse, avenged, provide an introduction to both the poet and his ever growing canon of verse.

Angel Zapata: Author of the poetry chapbook, An Offering of Ink and Feathers, Angel is also the recipient of the 2012 Mariner Award from Bewildering Stories for his flash fiction piece, “Carrion Feathers.”  For a full listing of Angel’s awards and publications, visit his Goodreads site.  And, be sure to also visit his blog, A Rage of Angel.

Note: Midnight Lane Gallery accepts First Rights.  All other rights return to poets upon publication.

  • Visual Art:

 Yours Truly:  Please contact Midnight Lane Gallery if seeking to use an image or images from the “Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest,” either virtually or in print.  Contact information is included at the bottom of the gallery’s About page.

**Added Credit goes to Pavelness for uploading “On Demon Wings” by Bohren & der Club of Gore to YouTube.  Midnight Lane Gallery claims no copyright over music posted on site.

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