Grand Opening

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Midnight Lane Gallery.  The digital art presented herein comprises the “Midnight on the Stroll” series, by Yours Truly.*  Please, saunter through the gallery at your own pace.  We have more images below.  Simply scroll down. . .

“Gallery Façade”

To accompany your viewing, the gallery is pleased to share Lisa Litberg’s acoustic rendition of The Gutter Twins’ “Front Street.”*  Do lend her your ears. . .



“The Ballad of Little Sadie”




“Cruisin’ the Stroll”




"The Magician's Assistant"

“The Magician’s Assistant”




"Sweetest Sweet Tea"

“Sweetest Sweet Tea”




“Zona de Tolerancia”




"'What You Lookin' At?'"

“‘What You Lookin’ At?'”




"Midnight Alley," by Yours Truly, 2014.

“Midnight Alley”




“For Pablo”




“Gallery Exit”




“In Private”


The submission window for The Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest opens 5/17/2014, and closed 7/31/2014.  A portal to the finalists’ work is provided following the Credits below.

Please, continue to enjoy your visit. . .


  • Music/Video:

The Gutter Twins: “Front Street” appears on The Gutter Twins’ 2008 Sub Pop release “Saturnalia.”  To learn more about The Gutter Twins, please visit the band’s Official Website, or their MySpace page.

Lisa Litberg: Her cover performance of “Front Street” was originally recorded at Sylvie’s Lounge in Chicago on July 16, 2012.**  To hear more of her music, please visit lisalit2.  Lisa’s first novel, Free, is slated to be released July 4th, 2014 by Vigilante Publishing Group, LLC.  Here’s an excerpt.

  • Poetry:

Pablo Neruda: The excerpt in the image “For Pablo” is from the poem, “Juegas Todos los Días”  (tr. “Every Day you Play”).  It was first published in Neruda’s 1924 collection, Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada  (tr. Twenty love poems and a song of despair).

  • Visual Art:

Yours Truly: Please contact Midnight Lane Gallery if seeking to use an image or images from the “Midnight on the Stroll” series, either virtually or in print.  Contact information is included at the bottom of the gallery’s About page.


Thanks go to Lisa Litberg for granting Midnight Lane Gallery permission to use her video.

"Jonathan's Night Out"

“Jonathan’s Night Out”

Attendees!  Look who’s lurking outside the gallery entrance. . . it’s the poet and editor extraordinaire, jonathan hayes, one of ten Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest Finalists.  Click on jonathan’s groovy t-shirt to read his contest submission and interactive bio, along with those of his peers.



The comments section is closed. If you've questions or comments, email contact information for the gallery is located at the bottom of the About page. Feel free to query. Thank you.

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